Desert Eagle Publishing cooperation


Fellow Modellers,

we are pleased to announce our official cooperation with Desert Eagle Publishing.

The resin sets manufactured by well reknown Israeli company will be remastered and available again. 

Some of them will be divided into smaller, more "dedicated" ones, such as the already available set QW/DEP-35003a, others will be just remastered (QW/DEP-35001 - coming soon), and some entirely new - for example the small upgrade kit QW/DEP-35001X.

The new sets that are currently available can be found here:

1/35 Desert Eagle Publishing QW/DEP-35001X Shackles, Supports & Towing cables for Merkava tanks

1/35 Desert Eagle Publishing QW/DEP-35003a Antennas & Mounts for IDF Merkava III

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